About us


IBAEUTY is a conscious beauty brand that unshackles the constraints of beauty being gender specified. To us, every gender & skin is defined as the sheer epitome of absolute beauty. Our unique product line is curated with utmost conscience & aims to bring about the best amalgamation of skincare & makeup holistically entrapped in a bottle.


IBaeuty was born back when our lives were hit hard by pandemic& we all were under lockdown. But as we say, our brain is the most activeorgan under all circumstances & more than ever under pressure. Just abouttime when male strata started to vocalize their interests towards beauty viasocial media, As a founder I was intrigued by the fact that why up till nowbeauty & makeup was just restricted & popularized massively amongstwomen only? And where there's a question, there's an answer to it too! So,IBaeuty was cropped